Growth Hacking for SAAS

What is Growth Hacking SAAS in a nutshell? 

Growth Hacking a SAAS company is all about: 

  • Building a relationship with your audience through credible and strong content 
  • Understanding what converts leads into trials 
  • Automating your lead flow 
  • Which customers churn and how to reduce this 

Growth hacking and SAAS are a perfect match for SAAS as it is critical for SAAS to understand and track your customers as well as look at the whole funnel to be successful in the current market. 

SAAS Challenges

The SAAS industry is a tough cookie to crack, we see the following often:

  • Customers expect a free, easy to cancel trial and can be tough to commit further
  • It is tough to fight the right audience that is willing to pay for the solution
  • There is a constantly growing number of competitors with worldwide competition
  • It is difficult to measure end-to-end
  • The maximum cost of acquisition allowed is not always very high

How Growth Hacking can Help

These challenges are what make growth hacking ideal for SAAS:

  • You look holistically across the full funnel to create growth
  • The best service that wins is the one that truly knows what the customer wants and delivers this exceptionally well, growth hacking is all about product – solution match
  • Experiment small and fast to understand how to acquire new users for the lowest CAC possible
  • Measuring end to end helps you better understand your users and improve your retention 

How do we growth hack SAAS businesses? 

We do this through:

  1. Identifying the key OMTM and where you are losing customers in the short and long term
  2. We work on both short and long term growth hacks so that you see short term results and build your infrastructure for future success too
  3. This could mean for you:
    • Automated flows through marketing automation to bring in more leads faster
    • Improving or building your content strategy to bring high-quality traffic to your website
    • Working on your campaigns and testing new channels to reduce your CAC and increase your leads