RockBoost: #1 position in the Emerce100

The Best Digital Agencies in the Netherlands.

Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman

Head of Consultancy

RockBoost, for the second year in a row, has been awarded as the best digital marketing agency. The 15th edition of the Emerce100 features the top e-businesses in the Netherlands as assessed by decision-makers working in the industry.   

Shared #1 position and 5,5 stars ranking

Ranked with five and a half stars, we are sharing a first place in the Emerce100 list, Digital Marketing agencies. We couldn’t be happier. This position is a proof to us that we deliver value to our clients. DotControl ranked second in the Emerce100 list - Full-service digital agencies (medium). A solid increase compared to last year. 

source: Emerce100, Best of e-business 2020

Growth hacking in service of business results

The world and our economy are facing rapid uncertainties. That may be exactly why some businesses need to future-proof their marketing operations. RockBoost helps companies to be ready in this new world. We do not advise as an advisor, but also really implement it. So, roll up your sleeves and work hard on growth. 

That is why we come up with things quickly, test immediately and improve. Not with one-off transformation, but with continuous evolution. This is how we grow companies from day one.

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Chris Out, Managing Partner at RockBoost

It’s very fortunate to receive this recognition at this time. A big thank-you to our customers and partners that are part of our journey! I’m proud of everyone in our team that continues to put our customers and their business first.

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About Emerce100 

The Emerce100 is an annual research conducted in collaboration with Motivaction. The aim of the research is to provide guidance when choosing an agency or a vendor. Decision-makers from the online industry assess the different agencies based on their knowledge, value for money (price-quality ratio), reliability and flexibility. 

Emerce has been known as one of the most esteemed digital platforms in the world of digital marketing, media and e-businesses, ever since 1998. The Emerce100 provides insight into the main players in the previously mentioned markets and is, thus, the reference point for decision-makers. Originally, the Emerce100 was based on a survey of 100 companies, whereas today no less than 868 businesses were considered. 

Read the full list here.

Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman

Head of Consultancy

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