User Testing

What is user testing in a nutshell?

User testing is about validating your ideas for your website, new designs or feature ideas. Basically, it helps you get a view of the product from the end user’s perspective. While it is more traditionally used for testing user interaction, it can also be used to verify the website copy or whether people have questions about your product in general.

Why is user testing important for your growth strategy? 

As it is a low-investment approach, here are some of the benefits you could get from user testing:

  • Make sure your target audience knows where to find what they need
  • Helps you identify UX flaws; content & technical issues that could cost you conversions
  • Reduces the risk of building the wrong products before spending your resources in it
  • Removes flaws from the product 


Are you struggling with this? 

  • Mitigating problems you uncover in time
  • Knowing why customers are coming in but not converting 
  • Prioritising the backlog
  • Understanding the ROI (return on investment) of your user experience design

After working together with 200+ companies, we've consistently seen the same obstacles killing the full potential of a company's growth. Here's how we can help you tackle your challenges. 


What is our approach

  1. Decide which form (or combination) of user testing will help solve the problem at hand:
    5-second tests and UX Usability tests for finding bottlenecks
  2. Define scenarios
  3. Advise on recruitment of user testing participants:
    with 3 different scenarios

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