Social advertising

What is Social Advertising in a nutshell?

Social media advertising is a form of online advertising where you utilise social media networks to send advertised messages towards a specifically selected target audience. 


Why is social advertising important for your growth strategy? 

One of the most important reasons to make social media advertising part of your growth strategy is the benefit of using the demographic information of the users. With social media advertising, you can tailor your advertisements and messages to the users of the social media network users based on information gathered from the target audience.

The ability to segment your audience even further creates even more opportunities for campaigns based on location, time of day, products or pages viewed, etc.


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Are you struggling with this?

  • You don’t know what social networks to advertise on
  • You wonder where to find your audience
  • You don’t know what message to communicate
  • How to optimise social advertising campaigns  

That’s very common! We notice that most of our clients are struggling with this. See our standard process below to understand how we can help you tackle your challenges.

Our approach

1. Analyse the target audience & develop personas:
we want to get a proper understanding of your target audience.
2. Creation of a Customer Desire Map & customer journey 
3. Set up the experimentation process:
we test several assets and audience combinations to determine the winning combination & to start learning again about possible optimisations.
4. Test campaigns & refine strategy:
it’s a critical part of your social media advertising efforts.
5. Daily optimisation:
we monitor and optimize your campaigns on a daily basis. We keep an eye on all data collected to make sure social advertising aids to reaching your goals while learning more and more about your target audience.

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