Marketing Technology Stack

What is a MarTech Stack in a nutshell?

A MarTech Stack - or Marketing Technology Stack - is the integration of all the different tools that are used by a company. Despite the name, this does not only include marketing tools but the entire set of tools used for marketing, sales, support, customer relationship management, as well as development. 

In practice: You can think about your Marketing Stack in terms of integrating your full funnel:

Marketing Planning → Attract → Convert (to Lead) → Nurture → Sales / Close → Analytics & Automation


Why is MarTech Stack important for your strategy?

The objective of a MarTech Stack is to gather all the data collected by each individual, so you have a better overview of how your marketing funnel is performing. Optimising the MarTech Stack will help you:

  • Gain a more thorough understanding of how each marketing channel contributes to the funnel 
  • Know the quality of the leads generated
  • Automate manual labour associated with evaluating & nurturing leads


Are you struggling with this?

  • You lack an identifier / a way to track a user across multiple tools 
  • It takes too much time to set up
  • You find it hard to justify the time/effort/money needed to get all tools integrated  
  • It often requires development’s help, which you can't access easily

Those are very common struggles! This is why we have a process to help you tackle your challenges; see below.

Our own approach:

  1. Create an overview of your needs
  2. Create an MVP system
  3. Identify missing tools & analyse potential new tools
  4. Setup & test integrations
  5. Analyse insights to optimise budget and channel division

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