Growth Hacking your New Website

What is Growth Hacking a new website in a nutshell?

As a growth hacking agency we base our decisions on what the data says about your customers’ wants and needs. By doing this we can ensure that your new website is built for all the key stakeholders, especially your customers.

Why is growth hacking important for your new website?

When you're investing a lot in your new website you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Beautiful design is important but it doesn't ensure return on investment. That's why having a team of growth hackers in the process of creating your new website based on what the data says is the best investment you can make.

Why? Because we make sure that creating every design and every new feature or element is justified by data.

Case Study: Dura Vermeer - Project Websites

We built 50+ website for Dura Vermeer together with DotControl. This is how the client experienced it: 

Are you struggling with?

The believe that your current website is not performing well but you don’t know exactly what is needed for your new one to improve this.

Taking a customer-centric approach in developing a new website, but at the same time taking into account the ideas of your stakeholders.

Translating the data you have collected into insights that you need to develop a website that ensures growth.

How do we growth hack new websites?

We work together with DotControl (our sister creative agency) on many new websites and platforms.

We do this through:

  1. Understand who your customers are, what their customer journey is (and what role your website/platform plays in this). This can be through various market research methods from surveys to interviews to a deep dive in your Analytics.
  2. Turn this, together with insights from your current analytics, into a user experience map that the design team uses for input.
  3. Through user testing to continuously validate the new website or platform and optimise further.
  4. Ensuring your new website has a strong measurement system in place to learn and optimize further after go live.
  5. Ensure your SEO is set up for success. Technical or content mistakes during the creation can cause a drop in traffic if you are not diligent.
  6. Build on your overall growth system to establish your website an extra boost with go-live.