Email marketing

What is email marketing in a nutshell?

Forget about blasting promotional emails to a group of people once a week as it was with traditional email marketing. Nowadays, email marketing is about finding the right timing and automation - working on efficiency, and about hyper-personalising the email content. Besides, it now works hand in hand with other channels and leverage data from every possible touchpoint to optimise campaigns.

Why is email marketing important for your growth strategy? 

Here are a few of the benefits you can get from it:

  • You can automate it fully and let it run and boost your revenue in the background 
  • Email marketing ROI can reach 40:1
  • You have much data to leverage to craft highly personal messages
  • It’s easy to measure and test
  • Easy integration with CRM and/or e-commerce systems to get a holistic view of your audience

Are you struggling with this?

  • Which email marketing service is best for me? 
  • How do I reach a high level of personalisation in my campaigns?
  • What's the best way to segment my audience?
  • How do I track the performance of my campaigns? 
  • How can I improve my deliverability?
  • How can I leverage email marketing automation?
  • How can I grow my email list? 

Those are probably some of the many burning questions you’re asking yourself when trying to get the most out of your email marketing efforts. No worries, we’ve got you covered. We have answers to all of them.

Our own approach:

See our standard process below to understand how we can help you.

1. Analyse & set up basic automation:
based on your business needs.
2. Creation and planning of email strategy:
we prioritise to drive results at a high pace. 
3. Ideation, more automation & A/B testing:
we set up a backlog of ideas to test in the email content and start experimenting already.
4. Collecting data:
to get results and learnings we can use for more testing. 

Results we are proud of


Growth in monthly active users for by increasing the testing speed to 5 tests per 2 weeks


Lift in search bar usage on the website for 24Kitchen by improving it on mobiles