Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising in a nutshell? 

Have you ever seen these ads that appear on different websites and social media platforms you visit? Well, this is Display advertising.  

Through the network of Google partners (various websites, apps, blogs etc.) you are able to display your banners to your target audience while they visit those partners' sites or apps. 


Why is Display advertising important for your growth?  

  • Easy to start with an immediate impact on sales and brand awareness 
  • Incredibly scalable and grows with your business 
  • You can automate a big part of your work 

Display Advertising can bring traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness, but it can also highly increase the probability of getting conversions.  


Are you struggling with this? 

  • Prioritising certain display advertising channels over others 
  • Targeting the right audience 
  • You see a lot of traffic, but your conversion rate is very low 
  • Making visitors return to your website and even convert 
  • Not knowing how to get the most out of the formats you picked or even which formats to pick 

You are not alone in this! We notice that many of our clients face those challenges, and we can help you fix the holes you may be noticing in your customer funnel. You can have a lot below to see our standard process for Display Advertising.

Our approach 

Like any other process, we break down the Display Advertising process into key steps: 

1. Set themost important goal (OMTM) & Verifying: 
We analyse your previous campaigns/goals (if you have any) to determine what has already been done and how to improve it. 

2. Choosingthe right tool and channel: 
Based on the target audience. 

3. Ideation: 
We create a “banner concept”, the value proposition, and the message, we then create a briefing for the designers to make the creatives. (Pssst... we’re working with talented designers & copywriters at DotControl) 

4. Set up the budget:
Determine what the budget available is, and then create an estimation of the reach, clicks, and CPC (Costs Per Click) in multiple scenarios.  

5. Create, set up and launch campaign:
Once the banners and ads have been designed, it is time to create and launch the campaign.  

6. Analysing the results:
We learn not only from the winners but inconclusive tests and losers as well.

Results we are proud of


Growth in leads in 6 months by using audience targeting, bid strategies and optimising creatives