Data Collection & Analytics

What is Data Collection & analytics in a nutshell?

Data collection is the foundation of growth hacking. Without data collection, it would be impossible to accurately measure experiment performances and results. Therefore, it would be equally inconceivable to determine what optimisation is needed and where without making assumptions. And we don’t like assumptions at RockBoost. 

Why is Data Collection & Analytics important for your growth strategy?

It is crucial for any growth process to have a solid data strategy in place. When done right, here are the benefits you could get from it:

  • Have a good understanding of your customer journey
  • Know your customers' value and estimate how much you can spend on acquiring them
  • Know which channels play together to generate high-value customers
  • A better understanding of how people use your website & which interactions are important touchpoints in the customer journey
  • Opportunity to turn your marketing department into a profit engine by focussing on activities with a positive ROI

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Are you struggling with this?

  • Setting up more than default Google Analytics
  • Defining what should be measured 
  • Combining data from different data sources
  • Don’t have the time to analyse the data they have
  • Correctly attributing conversions to the right channel(s)

You’re not alone! We notice that many of our clients are struggling with this. Whatever the challenge is, we’ll always make sure to find the solution, just like we did for Dura Vermeer. Curious about their challenge and how we tackled it? Read the case study here.

Below we explain our standard process to understand how we can help you tackle your challenges.

Our approach

  1. Conduct an audit of your measurement setup: to create a prioritised list of tracking improvements
  2. Create a measurement plan: define what to track & ensuring a consistent naming convention
  3. Set up a data layer structure for event tracking & enhanced eCommerce tracking (if applicable)
  4. Recommend MarTech Stack: for tracking your customer journey across platforms
  5. Set up a dashboard: to report on the OMTM & relevant KPIs
  6. Analyse the data: to define customer segments, identify key interactions correlating with conversion & provide input to the CRO backlog