Business Boost Sprint

Boost your business growth in 3 weeks 

We’re living in unpredictable times. The current market forces companies to ramp up and take sharp turns. Now, more than ever, you need to be focused, fast, and agile. 

We know how difficult it is but we also know exactly what to do when things go south. That’s why we created a new line of services to help companies adjust to the fast-changing world. 

We’re fans of making things quick and simple, so that’s how it works in a few steps: 

  1. Pick a sprint package that suits you best
  2. Tell us about your biggest business challenge
  3. We provide advice and clear actionable steps easy to implement
  4. We focus only on activities that drive certain results


Each package is a 3-weeks sprint. After this time, you can decide whether you want to continue or not. No strings attached. 


Why Business Boost Sprint? 

  • No long-term commitment required 
  • 3-weeks of high tempo implementation
  • You get a dedicated team of 2 growth hackers
  • Clear focus where to invest your time and efforts 
  • Actionable and easy to execute steps    
  • Coherent reporting translated into clear business results 

Sprint package 1: Conversion optimisation

  • We identify weak spots in your funnel 
  • We generate a backlog of test ideas 
  • We set up measurement to track impact of tests 
  • We make sure the tests are small and quick to execute to drive results sooner 

Price: 5.000€

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Sprint package 2: Focus 

  • We analyse your funnel and marketing efforts  
  • We identify the biggest bottlenecks and quick wins to solve them 
  • We help your team stay focused on the most impactful efforts 
  • We make sure things are shipped fast and have a measurable business impact 

Price:  8.000€ 

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Sprint package 3: Digital transformation

  • We analyse your current business setup and growth strategy
  • We generate ideas of how to transform your business
  • We provide you with actionable steps on how to implement them quick
  • We set up a test to validate the top 1 - 2 ideas
  • We support you in how to execute it further step by step
  • This will help adjust your business to digital demand

Price: 10.000€

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What our clients say about us 

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"Data driven decision making is key to create a 360 degrees customer experience. RockBoost helps us to walk in our client and stakeholders shoes, which enables us to create relevant digital solutions. RockBoost feels like extended Dura Vermeer family. They know us inside out, and are extremely passionate about our business."

– Dura Vermeer