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What makes our program different?

Growth Hacking education programs are popping up everywhere. You might ask yourself, "how are they different from each other?"

RockBoost started out as a consultancy and implementation agency. We have thousands of hours of hands-on experience when it comes to growth hacking implementation.

What's wrong with the other programs?

Other education programs focus primarily on showing you tools and tricks. The problem is that many companies are not yet in a position to effectively implement them. Things like organizational politics, digital maturity, and infrastructure issues get in the way.

We could easily give you 60+ new tools to play with, but only 1 or 2 might really be appropriate for your business at this point in time. Tools will only help you to get to a local maximum.

Real growth hacking is about setting up a sustainable and scalable growth system tailored to your organization.

So what does RockBoost offer?

We developed the 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking model to guide the implementation strategies we use for all our clients. This is a field-tested model that actually delivers results. 

Can I implement this in my business?

Yes. The beauty of the 7 Pillars framework is that the model can be implemented in any business. It lays the foundation for growth and it will help you find hacks that actually work. 

Who can you train?

We train both individuals and entire growth teams. We can offer in-house training at your location or workshops at our offices in Rotterdam.  

Can I combine training and consultancy? 

This is actually the ideal scenario. The growth hacking implementation process goes three times as fast, on average, at companies where a team has first received our training.

If you're a business and are serious about training your team(s), book your call with Chris Out right now. 

Can I get trained for FREE?

YES! Join thousands of others already subscribed to our daily growth tips

What will you learn during our program?

We teach you all you need to develop the right mindset and improve your growth hacking skills. Based on your
T-shape, we give you a roadmap for becoming your own growth hacker. After attending our program, you will know plenty of hacks for boosting business growth.

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An overview of the Program

Our programs consists of a combination of theoretical insights and practical applications.

Theory: Growth hacking principles
Skills: Growth hacking skills
Practice: Application to real-life cases

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What works for you?

We have various growth hacking programs that can be tailored to your particular needs.

For custom in-house workshops at your business location, contact us now at +31 10 714 4646, or fill in the .

Our online program is currently invite only.

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in-house workshops

From  €3.000 per day

for your entire team

Train your growth teams
For companies ready to shift their mindset towards a focus on growth.

  • Learning in your environment
  • Course content specific to your industry
  • Identify your first 100+ growth hacks

Workshops @Van Nelle Fabriek

From  €495 for one day per person

Growth Hack Your Skillset
For individuals with a focus on their own personal development

  • Full day of hands-on growth hacking
  • All you need to know to develop your growth hacking mindset & skillset
  • Network with like-minded professionals

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Student workshopS

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new series of workshops

In just 4 evenings 
For students wanting to stand out on the job market.

  • Learn the skills that are sought after by major companies
  • Gain skills that 95% of your fellow students are lacking
  • Discover how to optimize your study approach
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What are other people saying?

RockBoost has created the curriculum for Emerce Opleidingen and is a partner of Beeckestijn Business School. 

We have trained people from dozens of companies ranging from small startups to major corporations. 

Our education program is rated with an 8.4 on average

 "Such an actionable approach made learning the 7 pillars of growth hacking so much more effective than the traditional seminars and talks I usually go to. I walked in hoping to learn a few tricks. I walked out with a clear system for hacking my growth I could start implementing the same day. Most importantly, I learned that the first thing I needed to hack was my mindset and the way I look at things. I took a gamble on you guys and it’s paying off really well already." 

Daniele P., Growth Design

"If you want to grow your business and 'think outside the box' then this workshop is definitely of benefit! Realizing that growth hacking is based on a systematic process was my biggest insight of the day. You will understand the importance of growth hacking on how to gain more customers and gain financially."

Catherine D., Irish Tech News

"The RockBoost workshop gave me some real actionable insights I was eager to implement the very next day. Even though I have read just about every book on marketing, sales, lean and growth hacking, I still got a ton of value and golden nuggets. Ben and Chris have great passion and it comes across bucket loads. Highly recommended!" 

Paul M., Taskblast

"Amazing formula on how to structure and grow your business. Good material, amazing speaker and organized. Super recommended!

Tana S., International Career Coach

Understanding the step by step process - removed the buzzword from the term growth hacking. A good practical insight into the best practices for growth hacking your business. I am now intrigued by the psychology behind it" 

Bronagh Mc., Dynamic Res

It's a game changer for growth orientated companies. Excellent insights, real passion for the subject, a great overall learning experience.

Eoin C., Scale Labs

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