Start growth Hacking your business

Identify your first 100 tailored growth hacks and get a team to execute them.


You're ready to grow, but aren't sure where to start

At RockBoost, we realize that our clients' needs are complex — thus, we take a personalized approach to help you overcome your unique barriers to growth.

Half your marketing expenditure is wasted, but you're not sure which half

We have experience with 200+ A-level clients and startups in various industries, so we know where many of the issues tend to lie.

Knowing how to measure and collect the right data is complicated

Our growth hacking teams are highly skilled in data analytics, measurement systems, performing A/B and user testing — and most importantly, can translate data into actionable insight.

You want change, but not everyone in your organisation agrees

With our experience and proven knowledge we will not only provide you with results, but we will educate your teams so they understand the concepts and techniques behind growth hacking.

How we work

We use a highly systematized, data-driven process to growth hack your business.


Your first 100 growth hacks

We plow through all your data to identify your first 100 growth hacks. By analyzing your entire customer journey according to the Pirate Metrics (AARRR) framework, we locate opportunities for growth and optimization. 


After identifying the first 100 hacks, we prioritize the list together with you based on the impact, confidence and ease of implementation.  


Scrum your growth

Having a list of 100+ growth hacks tailored for your organization is great, but who will actually execute them? We can help you in the following domains:


Measurement Systems · Google Analytics · Google Tag Manager · Heatmaps · Mixpanel · User research · Surveying · User testing · Building Traction · Content Marketing · SEO · SEA · Facebook/Instagram Advertising · Funnel Optimization · Lead Generation · A/B testing and more


We can work with your in-house teams to make sure that we add the most value in areas which you haven't already covered in your organization.



Your monthly budget for growth determines the scope of the project. Our packages start at €3.000/m excluding VAT. You get a team of experts to systematically address your growth challenges.


Get in touch to set up a call with our Lead Growth Hacker, Chris Out, to see how we can help you grow your business. 





About RockBoost

RockBoost is partner of 


Sean Ellis, the guy who coined the term growth hacking, called RockBoost:


"One of the top Growth Hacking Agencies in Europe"


RockBoost has been invited to speak at all the top international growth hacking and CRO related conferences. A short list of events where RockBoosters have given talks: 


CXL Live (US)

Growth Marketing Summit (Germany)

Emerce Conversion

Emerce E-Commerce Live

Emerce Digital Marketing Live

Conversion and Marketing Summit (Norway)

Conversion Summit (Sweden)


RockBoost can deliver great growth results for your business. Contact us now and don't waste another day of missed growth opportunities.   




We have worked with a wide range of companies. The clients where we generate the best results are companies with an amazing product that really want to boost their growth.  Contact us to get specific advice for your situation.

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