Why speed always wins 

Our very own Rutger van Stigt Thans, Head of Growth at RockBoost, was recently invited at ZoomSphere podcast. The podcast showcases the latest trends and developments in marketing by sharing opinions from experts in the field. A perfect place to discuss growth hacking and its foundations.

When we talk about growth hacking, we always think out of the box. We think of systems hacks. And marketing tactics that create growth.  

What if I told you the one success factor often forgotten is speed? Sometimes, you just need to get things done fast. Or faster than others.   

What’s going to help you win the race is how soon you can have things up and running before your competitors.  

  • How fast can you get a growth team up and running?   
  • How fast can you set up new channels?  
  • How fast can you adopt new technologies?   
  • How fast can you execute and get things done?   

In this podcast, we cover how speed is the growth hackers’ best friend. Will you win the race?   


Listen up to the podcast: