Growth hack your skills for free during COVID-19

While a lot of our daily life activities are shifted to a digital form and we are bounded to self-isolation, we’re all experiencing a new dimension of free time. With a lot of free resources already available online, why not take this time to boost your skills and resume? A great way to ‘growth hack’ some new skills.

Tulani Risseeuw

Tulani Risseeuw

Growth Hacker

Free digital resources during the corona pandemic 

Regardless of your level of expertise in digital marketing, there is always space for developing your knowledge.  

Why not: 

We will share the best resources out there we have found from free courses to podcasts to getting certified: 

Get your digital marketing fundamentals 

1. Growth Hacking Minidegree - CXL Institute 

Are you currently out of work and in for a career change to digital marketing?  

CXL institute offers their Growth Hacking Minidegree for free to people who are working in industries affected by this current crisis. This offer lies truly in line with their mission ‘To help marketers become great at what they do’. This includes people who are determined to make a career change. We are raving fans of CXL, our whole team has a subscription, we use this degree for our trainees too as it gives you a strong basis of growth hacking knowledge. 

Note: This offer is only available if you want to transition to a new career into digital marketing and is not applicable for existing marketers. 

CXL Institute Growth Hacking minidegree

2. Fundamentels of digital marketing - Google Digital Garage 

In this free course from Google’s Digital Garage, you can delve into 26 topics to teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing from developing your business strategy to going international with your business.  

The course is credited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University and is filled with real-life examples, which make you jumping and dive straight into the action.  

After completing it, you will receive a certification which is a great way to charge up your CV and show your (future) employee. 

Get insights into the latest industry trends 

3. Skill up Podcast - Hubspot

There will be moments when the letters start dancing on your screen, diagnosis: screen overload. Put in your earplugs and go for a long walk. On the way listen to The Skill up podcast by HubSpot and will educate you on the ever-changing landscape of marketing, sales and customer service. Hosted by Anni Kim they dive every season, into a new topic: 

  • Season 1: Starting with search engine optimization  
  • Season 2: Sales enablement 
  • Season 3: Advanced marketing 

You may need a few walks to get through all the seasons, but they are definitely worth the steps. 

4. The Breakout Growth Podcast – Sean Ellis

If you’ve gotten a taste for podcasts another great one is The Breakout Growth Podcast. What better way to learn about growth hacking than from the father of growth hacking Sean Ellis. In each episode, he discusses a different company, their growth challenges, and what helped them succeed. What we love about this podcast is that the focus is not on traction channels and optimisation but rather on getting the fundamentals in place, Pillar 1 – 5 of our 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking

Earn your certificate at one of the largest MOOC providers 

5. Coursera 

MOOC (Massive Online Platforms) are having probably their busiest time during this pandemic. Normally, you can audit the course material for free but pay a small fee to enroll and earn your certificate. In response to COVID-19, Coursera offers 100 courses where you can get your certificate for free.  

We listed our favourites below: 

Growth Hacking always starts with getting your Growth Mindset in place. This is the ultimate course to learn about making your way in our fast-paced learning environment and how to get the most of it during your career. 

Marketing analytics is focusing on how to measure, manage, and analyse your marketing efforts. A big must know for a growth hacker. This course will learn how to use various tools measuring marketing assets and understand regression analysis. 

Coursera partner logos

Improving your T-Shape with a new skill during Covid-19 

The first five resources will really help teach you or strengthen your fundamental knowledge. The next few will help you dive into a new area, that you may have been considering exploring but not got round too.  

6. Moz Academy Courses - 

Moz is offering a variety of courses where you can start on your SEO journey, regardless of your level of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.  

Normally, you pay a fee to enter their courses but with their special promo code you can join for free (the code is already filled in, just click the link above). If you’re new to SEO, definitely start with the SEO fundamentals training. If you’re looking to master a specific skill they offer various in depth courses e.g. Technical SEO or Page optimization courses, also for free. 

7. Blogging for Business - Ahrefs 

In this free blogging course from Ahrefs Academy by Tim Soulo, you can dive into the wonderful world of growing your organic traffic and reaching the top of Google search results. Ahrefs is a well-know tool for backlinks and SEO analysis.  

Based on the topics, the level of this course is not for the absolute beginner, basic SEO knowledge is a must (so if you need to brush up your SEO skills check out the MOZ courses first). This course will give you the best insights on how to work with the Ahrefs keyword tool an how to set up your own content strategy. 

8. Free courses on Facebook and Instagram Marketing - Facebook 

Facebook has always had a wide range of free courses to teach you all the basics off Facebook ads, Business pages and Instagram ads. Whilst it won’t teach you the indepth tips on how to best structure and optimising your campaigns it is definitely a good place to start. 

9. Hardcore Data Science – Coursea via Classcentral 

Last but not least, if you are feeling really daring you can brush up your data science skills via Coursea. A little hacky, you need to first follow the instruction in the link to access the courses for free. Our favourites are: 

  1. Machine learning for data science and analytics from Colombia university: here. 
  2. Statistics and R from Harvard University: here.   

No way you can get bored at home with a challenge like that.  

Ready, Set, Learn! 

We trust that this should keep you busy and learning in the coming months. Thank you to the companies above for either making their paid content free or always offering high-quality free content. We hope you stay safe in the coming months and enjoy the opportunity to improve your skills. If you are also looking for some reading material check out our top 50 books every growth hacker should read

Tulani Risseeuw

Tulani Risseeuw

Growth Hacker