April 2020: What's new in growth hacking

The world of growth hacking is never still: channels are in and out faster than fashion trends. Not only that, but the various tools are continually changing and updating. If you add Google’s mysterious algorithm, it is a lot to keep up with on a day to day basis. How on earth do you know between all that noise what you should know and shouldn’t?

Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman

Head of Consultancy

Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Every 2-3 months, we will be releasing an article summarising the latest updates and must know. Our growth hackers will scour hundreds of articles, tweets, and slack channels with their peers to make sure they give you the crucial insights of what you need to be keeping an eye on. Let our team of fifteen do the research, and you can focus on the highlights. 


Each time we will highlight a few of our experts and their views on what you need to know. So here is your update for April 2020:  

1. Spotify Ads are gaining momentum and fast 

Spotify is a relatively new and interesting channel. Whilst they’ve had audio ads for a while now, they have been expanding the options. With 5.2 million subscribers in the Netherlands last year (46% of which pay for a premium account) it is the most popular streaming service. 

Users are also very active, listening on average to 25 hours per month.  

The advertising options are also very broad: 

  • Audio 
  • Display 
  • Video  
  • Podcasts 


Source: Spotify for Brands 


Sound too good to be true? It is. Right now, you can sadly only retarget those who have previously engaged with your ads. Next to that, the audience is relatively young (think 13 – 34 years old), so if you focus on an older target audience, it might not be for you. If your target audience is on Spotify, it is worth testing. 

Check out the options for yourself. As always, start with a few small experiments to see whether it is the right channel for you. 

Benthe - Growth Lead (Specialised in SEA & SEO)


2. Pinterest also expands the options to shop 

Benthe is not the only SEA lover who is being distracted by new and expanding channels. Ninke has also gained a love for a different channel: Pinterest. Especially their new methods of shopping were launched just a few weeks ago. With the Shop tab, Pinterest has made itself more attractive as an acquisition channel and not only awareness.  


Source: Tech Crunch 


Next to that, they have also made Pins more shoppable, offering visual search. Pinterest is really listening to its market in trying to help its advertising customers sell more through these new options. We would recommend learning more about all the new options here and consider running a small test on Pinterest to try out the latest features. 

Ninke - Growth Hacker (Specialised in SEA)


3. Is SEO the new SEA? 

We’ve talked a lot about ads, and don’t worry we are not oblivious to what is going on around us. We realise ad budgets are being slashed left, right and centre like a battle from Game of Thrones. That is why we wanted to highlight a new emerging trend that SEO and email marketing is growing right now.  

Many of us have time right now but not the budgets, so what better moment to improve your email marketing and the undervalued superstar: organic traffic? But how do you turn your Adverting Team into Google Superstars? We will be sharing an article soon on that, so stay tuned. In the meantime, use this time to review your SEO and content strategy and see how you can take this time to approve accordingly.  

Not sure what needs improving? No worries, for just €499 for small websites (<50 pages) and €799 for large websites (>50 pages) we can do an SEO quick scan, and give you an actionable and prioritised list of what to focus on.  

Daphne - Head of Growth Consultancy

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4. A cookie-less world? 

A cookie-less world... Great for most internet users as only the disappearance of cookie-walls will already enhance the usability and performance of most websites. However, a tough cookie for marketers and companies reliant on ads. Internet users are more aware and increasingly using ad blockers and taking privacy measures. In addition to that, Apple, Mozilla, and finally Google are restricting cookie usage (partially forced by law). By 2022 Google plans to remove all third party cookies.  

The concerns about privacy and the reduced effectiveness of cookies is something that has been growing in the last years. This will have a significant impact on the possibilities of targeted advertising unless publishers find suitable alternatives. The solutions aren’t set in stone, but options like focusing more on first-party cookies do exist. We handle it on a case by case basis with our clients to see what the impact is and what the options are to solve it accordingly. Check out the following article by Artefact to learn more about some potential solutions.  

If you are not talking about this yet, get together with your team to see: 

  1. Which % of your traffic use browsers impacted by new cookie laws 
  2. How this is potentially impacting your ad campaigns and a/b tests 
  3. How you can better measure results and improve your tracking 

Sander - Growth Hacker (Specialised in SEO)


5. An extension for your extensions  

We wanted to end with something a bit lighter after all those talks about new channels, ad types, changing focus, and non-edible cookies. Literally lighter... how to lighten the load for your Google Chrome. As a growth hacker, I’m sure you are also as addicted as we are to Chrome extensions. Justyna came across a nifty tool we just had to share with you.  


Source: Google Chrome


Extensity is an extension for your extensions (try saying that five times fast). It is the ultimate tool for lightning-fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome. Just enable the extension when you want to use it and disable when you want to get rid of it for a little while.  

That way, you can keep up your extension addiction with your browser speed weighing down.  

Download it for free here. 

Justyna - Growth Hacker (Specialised in content, email marketing and automation)



What trends have you noticed recently? We are always eager to learn, so please feel free to share! 

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Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman

Head of Consultancy

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